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FutureProof Strategies: The Futurist Consulting Firm



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What does it take to adapt to a world of growing uncertainty and disruption – and how can you stay one step ahead of tomorrow’s hottest new technologies and trends?

In The Future is Yours™ – the first tabletop game to teach players of all ages and skill levels how to think like a futurist – you’ll discover what it takes to consistently steer your way to success, no matter what tomorrow brings.

A crash course in the art of strategic planning, The Future is Yours not only reveals how to make better decisions in life and business using a simple, straightforward problem-solving system. The game’s fast, fun, and engaging scenarios – which teach players how to leverage imagination and ingenuity to successfully tackle real-world challenges in record time – can help you boost creativity and innovation in minutes. No matter your chosen background or profession, it can help you learn the vital success skills that can help you future-proof yourself and become more resilient.


  • Dozens of Playable Encounters – Discover what it takes to succeed in life and business today!
  • Over 30 Forms of Disruption – Learn how to adapt to the future’s most pressing real-life challenges now.
  • Create Your Own Scenarios – Card templates and discussion guides offer the tools that you need to build your own challenges.
  • Solo and Multiplayer Support – Play alone or as a group at meetings and events!
  • Business and Career Modes – Play as an organization or individual – the future is yours to shape.
  • Print-and-Play – Everything you need to get started is right in the (virtual) box!
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“A fascinating and fun way to learn what it takes to stay one step ahead of the curve.”

Adi Ignatius, Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Business Review


“Entertaining and informative… provides a way to develop the skills and habits needed to thoughtfully assess, decisively execute, and continuously adapt.”

– General (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal, Bestselling Author, Risk: A User’s Guide